• Joyce Patterson's exercises (in her Myofascial Self-Treatment Book) are an excellent tool for anyone who wants to to heal from an injury, achieve increased flexibility and balance, or learn to relax and relieve stress. The exercises are easy to understand and to fit into one's daily life. I've used them for many years, and I recommend them highly.                                 - Barbara, Maine


  • Joyce!!  I just received your book...read through it voraciously...and regret that I'm gonna have to wait until later tonight to read it through a second time. What a resource! Some stuff I knew, some stuff I didn't, great explanations and illustrations, color pictures with arrows and everything!!!...really fantastic book. This is gonna make me a better therapist.Thank you thank you thank you :D

      - Jennifer Nelson, LMT



  • Joyce Patterson is a master myofascial release therapist who understands how very important it is to help our clients and patients find relief between sessions on our tables.  This book is an excellent way we can arm our patients and clients with ideas for how to continue to release fascial restrictions between sessions with their myofascial release therapist.  I recommend it highly, and regularly refer to it for ideas to help my patients become more self sufficient in caring for their bodies and minds.

    Carol M. Davis, DPT, EdD, MS, FAPTA

          Myofascial Release Physical Therapist
          Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation 
          Professor Emerita

          Department of Physical Therapy
          University of Miami Miller School of Medicine


  • When I first met Joyce Patterson, I was in incredible pain. After several years, many medical tests, and variety of medical providers who were unable to answer the question, “Why am I in so much pain?” it was Joyce who helped my discover the mystery of chronic myofascial pain. After so long of feeling helpless, Joyce was able to teach me that I am able to self-treat this condition. I attended a class she taught and the use of her handbook continues to help me to this day!

    Thank you!

    Teresa Alley of Machias, Maine


  • I was with scoliosis and kyphosis during my junior year of high school. The severe curvatures in my spine caused me terrible back, shoulder and leg pain since my condition, which began setting in during middle school. My mother, who had already experienced the effects of several myofascial release treatments, encouraged me to schedule an appointment with Joyce. I felt amazed how my muscles loosened so much after even the first session. Regular weekly therapy sessions helped me gain greater range of motion, and I noticed my chronic pain lessening. There is no experience like feeling a muscle restriction melt like butter; it is like your body sighs in relief, and you can feel your limbs lengthening.

    We never worked beyond what my body could handle, and Joyce would often send me home with little homework exercises to try between each session. Joyce helped me realize that the body is truly connected to the mind and our emotions, and that unlocking the restrictions in our bodies often requires feeling and letting go of fear, sadness, anger and frustration that we hold within us. Everything is connected, and we have to unwind to get our bodies moving smoothly.

    I continued my physical therapy with Joyce for the next two years before I left for college. I then continued to use her self treatment book which equipped me with the necessary tools and knowledge that helped me keep my body in its better shape while I was away for school.

    Joyce is one of the most relaxed, compassionate and uplifting people I have met in my young life. A little jar of pep and wisdom!

    Thank you for all you taught me, Joyce!

    - Mary T.