Myofascial stretching and self treatment is the only way to achieve long lasting or permanent release of your fascia!


Fascia is made up of three components:


  • Elastin - fibers which are flexible and can stretch like and elastic.
    • Skin has a high percentage of elastin fibers 
  • Collagen - fibers which are are more rigid and less flexible
    • Cartilage and scar tissue are made primarily of collagen fibers
  • Ground substance - a gell like matrix that surrounds the elastin and

               collagen and provides shock absorption and some structure



In order for there to be permanent and long lasting release of the fascial system, all three components of the fascia must be addressed.  The older forms of myofascial release and traditional / athletic stretching do not affect the collagen and ground substance and, therefore, only produce temporary and incomplete results. 


Comprehensive Myofascial Self Treatment teaches you how to effectively release all aspects of your fascia allowing you to achieve greater results that will give you long lasting pain relief, improved flexibility, and more energy! 


You will learn how to reconnect with and stretch the entire body and be shown the tools that help you to do that.